Ruadhan, a young ballad singer who treasures his hometown, feels saddened by the changes in his community. The jobs are disappearing and folk are leaving for the cities. The life he loves is slipping away and the old people of the town to whom he feels closest and whose traditions he wants to preserve, are dying off. Can Ruadhan find a way to save the old ways or are they to be of the past?

Blackbird is about the oral tradition of singing and storytelling, and how the culture and the traditions of the past can sit beside what’s happening today, that they can compliment, and not replace, each other. This is the first feature from Edinburgh’s Jamie Chambers who is a powerful new voice in Scottish cinema.

Gaelic writer, singer and comic, Norman Maclean, plays the town bard Alec.

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  • Rating:12+ IFF
  • Country:UK
  • Year:2013
  • Duration:90 minutes
  • Director:Jamie Chambers
  • Starring:Andrew Rothney, Scarlett Mack, Patrick Wallace, Sheila Stewart
  • With thanks to Deerstalker Films