Every morning, director Eric Steel reads the obituaries in The New York Times and wonders at how a life’s essence can be captured and immortalized in just a few words. Ten years ago he found the obituary of Brora-based fishing fly-maker, Megan Boyd. Self-taught in this artful craft, Boyd’s fishing flies became internationally renowned and she was awarded the British Empire Medal by the Queen.

Kiss the Water is an elegant and fascinating meditative reflection on this woman’s unlikely place in history.

On Wed 20 Nov there will also be a screening at the screen machine in Lairg – see screenmachine.co.uk for details.

To book tickets visit the Eden Court website, or call the Box Office on 01463 234 234.

  • Rating:8+ IFF
  • Country:USA/UK
  • Year:2013
  • Duration:80 minutes
  • Director:Eric Steel
  • Website:http://kiss-the-water.com/
  • With thanks to Kate Swan