Chain-smoking Nadar is a highly driven advertising industry creative and his girlfriend (Leila Hatami, A Separation) is a perfume tester with a delicate sense of smell. So, when Nadar proposes marriage, Leila accepts on one condition, he quits smoking. The problem is that Nadar firmly believes his creativity is inextricably connected with his smoking. In his job he can’t afford to come up with bad ideas, but he doesn’t want to lose Leila. A charming and gently humorous romantic comedy based on an idea by Abbas Kiarostami.

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  • Rating:12+ IFF
  • Country:Iran
  • Year:2012
  • Duration:88 minutes
  • Director:Adel Yaraghi
  • Screenplay:Abbas Kiarostami and Adel Yaraghi
  • Starring:Leila Hatami, Adel Yaraghi, Bahareh Rahnama
  • With thanks to Dreamlab Films