Young research scientist Lukas has been chosen to take part in an experiment in which he enters the mind of a girl in a coma. While inside her surreal subconscious world he meets her and falls obsessively in love. Rather than share his results with the team, Lukas tells them very little so that they plug him in again. Over time, both begin to experience strange side effects and things take another turn when Lukas begins administering drugs to her in order to manipulate her subconscious experience. A complex, erotic and thought provoking thriller.

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  • Rating:18+ IFF
  • Country:Lithuania/France/Belgium
  • Year:2012
  • Duration:120 minutes
  • Language:Lithuanian with subtitles
  • Director:Kristina Buožytė
  • Starring:Marius Jampolskis, Jurga Jutaitė
  • With thanks to TLA Releasing